My relationship with Makeup

As a female I think many women (not all) feel the need to wear some item of makeup in order to feel like they can leave the house without scaring people…

My friend Rachel was sat at her dining table with her family having dinner.  Her daughter Lucy asked: ‘Mummy, why do you have loads of spots and why do you wear that stuff on your eyes?’  Rachel and her boyfriend James could not contain themselves and laughed at this totally innocent comment.  Rachel’s reply to her daughter was simply this:

“Without eyeliner, I look dead!!”

When Rachel told me this, it made me laugh, as I too have a staple makeup item that I wear religiously so as not to get arrested for common indecency in public.  I look grim without foundation.  I have the most ridiculously red skin and have always suffered with this affliction.  If someone told me that I would have to go out in public without my magic wand – my response would be this:

“I’d rather stick pins in my eyes!”

After my conversation with Rachel it got me thinking about other females and what their ‘go to’ item is in order to function in the world outside.  I also started noticing other females as I passed them in the street and wondered what their ‘ritual’ was for turning their face from a ‘bag of shite’ in the mornings to ‘damn, girl, you look hot to trot’.  I’d be in a shop buying my 50th bottle of foundation as if this liquid was somehow the most valuable thing I own.  The truth is…

“IT ACTUALLY IS!!  Without it, I wouldn’t be me.”

So, where did this fascination with a ‘go to’ item of makeup come from?’  Am I addicted to foundation?  Like, if they discontinued it, would I find myself cruising the streets, doing deals for foundation??

The thing is, my precious foundation doesn’t even solve all my problems either.  I leave the house looking fine and feeling confident…I happen to use the loo at work and that mirror in that toilet is the work of the fucking devil!!  My smooth, clear complexion is somehow replaced with what I can only describe as a ‘hot mess’ of streaks, chin hairs and a moustache that I thought my bleach had covered!  WTAF!!!!

Then there’s Natalie, who can wear a bit of moisturiser and not one scrap of makeup and look as fresh as a daisy EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE HER.  How the hell does this work? I want to know her secret!

Since writing this, I think I have realised what the secret is…When I was a little girl growing up, I would be fascinated by how my Mum would apply her makeup with such precision and thought.  She would get ready on a Saturday night with her 1970s disco gear, platform shoes and skin-tight jeans and look fabulous.  My fascination with her beauty regime escalated when I decided to paint her favourite shoes with nail varnish!!! But that’s another story….

I think Natalie’s secret is that she has never really felt the need to wear that much makeup, or in fact any; and for this, I salute her!  She is comfortable in her own skin and I am in awe of this.  To the ladies I see in the shop buying many different types and styles of makeup, which they will use to enhance their beauty – I salute you too.  This effort to try new brands and ideas is fabulous as it allows everyone of us to become who we want to be. Whether that’s an individual with their own funky style or me, just kicking the arse out of life, one bottle of foundation at a time.

S.G. xx

4 thoughts on “My relationship with Makeup

  1. I often have nightmares of my foundation being discontinued, it literally is a genuine fear!! Awesome blog again x always look forward to the next x

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