10 things we should be doing more of….

  1. Take your makeup off every night before bed.

I’m not gonna’ lie, I don’t do this religiously, however I do try to!  It does feel better waking up to fresh skin rather than a scene out of ‘The Joker’.

2. Get more fresh air.

Thank God I have a dog!  Me and my Prince walk every single morning without fail, come rain or shine and honestly, it’s the grandest way to start the day.  Sometimes, I think us humans do not get enough fresh air!

3. Find a song that inspires you and makes you think. Listen to it often.

Mine is: Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

4. Let your other half ‘remember’ their own Mother’s birthday – all by themselves.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this really grips my shit……  I find myself remembering that it’s her birthday about 2 weeks before.  I don’t mention it to him, because I think ‘this fucker can remember it himself this time’.  Then, 2 days before, it’s like I am taken over by robots and I keep asking him, have you bought your Mum a card and a pressie?  Like, the world is gonna’ end if he forgets??? Surely, the blame would lie neatly at HIS door, but then this is where I falter. If I allow him to forget, I too would then feel guilty for not telling him!!!!  OMG WTAF????

5. De-cluttering!  

This is like therapy for me!  A couple of years ago, I had the bright idea of having a de-clutter from my loft.  It was not only therapeutic but also nostalgic; finding all sorts of shit from ages ago that we no longer wanted but didn’t have the heart to throw away.  Then I came across………. Wait for it…….

A handbag full of taps!!!  I mean, who the hell keeps handbags and fills them with TAPS??????  Me, that’s who! Get rid of all the crap and it makes you feel so much better!

6. Try something new

I started writing this blog because I wanted to try something new.  My husband thinks I am having a mid-life crisis, which I probably am.  I tell myself, ‘at least I’ve reached my mid-life!’ – cause some people don’t make it that far!

7. Being grateful for the life we have

That’s it really.  We should be grateful for the friends we have and loved ones who would miss us if we weren’t around.

8. Wanding your hair

OMG I literally think this is the best invention since the contraceptive pill!  I can wash and dry my hair and look like Hagrid – sexy!  Then within 20 minutes, it’s smooth and wavy and I look like a Supermodel – obvs!!

9. Watch the ending to a film you love repeatedly, just because you can!

Years ago, me and my Mum watched the ending to ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ about 20 times because it was so wonderful; and to me, it still is!  Although now, I can just go on You Tube and watch it; not stick an old nasty cassette in the Video Player and listen to it clunk as it rewinds!!

10. Not worrying about whether your socks match.

I wash and dry these little fuckers every week and yet they still go missing!  No people, I do not own a tumble dryer, so it’s not that they have been sucked into Dryer Ville!  Where the fuck do these socks end up??? Out of sheer stubbornness I do wear odd socks as I refuse to throw them away in case the other ones turn up!  Like they’re gonna’ come knocking at my door asking to come in???  

I hope you enjoyed this random collection of stuff!  If you would like me to list another 10 things……. then let me know in the comments and I’ll give it my best shot!


S.G. xx 

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