Turning my fashion life around – one top at a time!

Hey my lovely readers!  Have you ever been in a situation where you’re getting ready for a night out and you’re thinking:

“I’ve got nothing to wear” or “Nothing fits”

Well come inside my wonderful world of randomness and I’ll let you into a little secret I have which might turn your life around. Lol.  Or it might make you think I’ve lost my mind…

On one such night, I found myself rummaging through my endless mountain of clothes (some which still had tags on) and there was NOTHING in my wardrobe of tricks.  Fear set in as my husband had got ready in a flash and made his shit look easy and our pre-booked taxi was en route. I thought “no doubt, tonight will be the night that this taxi man turns up early.”  I can 100% guarantee that if I was ready, he would be late. Anway, I digress………

My original top, that I swore looked “the dog’s” in the shop with the mirrors that lie; now looked like an evil con artist mocking me!!  By now, I was sweating and my makeup had started to slide off. As I stood there topless, staring at my ever expanding midriff I did what anyone would do in this situation – I polished off the remaining wine in my glass!! 

I then started to look at my tops one by one and thought “how the hell did these tops look ok all the other times but tonight, not one of them is doing their job in making me look like a goddess?”

Then, out of nowhere, I had an epiphany as I picked up my top and put it on…………


Now, you’re probably thinking WTAF???  However, I have used this trick with many of my tops and it actually works!  Give it a go next time you or your friends are stuck for something to wear and I promise it will change your life! (and your bank balance – ha)


S.G. xx

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