7 Things I have learned about living with a man…

During 20 years of being with a man and living with ‘a male’ for 18 years, there have been many things I have observed; some of which I shall dispense below…


The first time he saw me crouch down and put one foot into tiny screwed up nylon, his face was a mix of both horror and empathy!  Watching me waddle the fabric up over my unshaved calves and thunder thighs was to him, a new level in our relationship!  He has accepted how un-dignified I look when I put my tights on and for that I love him. 

Putting on tights in front of a man is Funny As!!!

False eyelashes

Let’s face it, none of us can put these bad boys on ourselves, unless you are an eye lash ninja (if you can, I salute you and if you fancy showing me how, then send me a video on Instagram @justbu.blog).  However, this guy is an absolute legend at doing this for me. 

Realising that your man is happy to assist you in your beauty quest is awesome!

Beauty regime

I was tidying my dressing table the other day and realised, as I admired all my ‘trickery’ that I need about 35 items in order to just ‘get ready’ for a normal day!  This guy needs about 3!!  WTAF!  How does this work?  I mean, I couldn’t choose just 3 things, my anxiety levels would be tipped over the edge if this was the case lol.  He gets ready for work in half an hour like a wizard.

I’ve learned that I admire the fact he can look good with the assistance of only 3 items, but I do still love my bag of tricks!


He is not romantic in the sense that he buys flowers or says, ‘your eyes are so beautiful to me’.  I would describe him as a ‘practical romantic’ and this was confirmed to me when he came home from work and told me to close my eyes!  I have no idea why, but my first thought was “is he going to place his manhood in my hands?”  Now don’t ask me why lol!  Instead, he placed a bath plug in my hands and I jumped for joy!!  We had recently moved to a house that needed a lot of work and it came with a 1960s style bathroom which did not have a bath plug and I had longed for a lovely bubble bath!  It was a lovely gesture and I will always remember it!  The small things eh……

Romance comes in many forms!

Observing another female

This tends to happen when we are driving somewhere… I have already spotted a beautiful looking female walking along the road that we are about to pass and I might think to myself “she’s pretty” or “I like her jacket…where did she get that from?”.  However, what my man fails to realise is that I’ve also noticed that he’s had a good old look at her too!  The hysterics that unfold when he realises that I’ve already noticed is priceless!  I’m like “alright love, close your mouth”!  So funny! 

Our men are going to look at other women and find them attractive.  Let’s face it, us girls do the same thing, but we’re better at hiding it, ha!


No matter how hard I try to explain the detailed goings on with my hair routine, such as having it cut and dyed every 6 weeks, he will never EVER get it!!  His response is “why can’t you just get it cut for a tenner like I do?”.  WTF -Can you imagine if I did?? 

I’ve learned that he has no clue how much money I’ve spent over 20 years cutting and dying my hair!

First thing in the morning

My Mum told me once that my Dad used to tell her that she looked her best, first thing in the morning….

Let me tell you, this is not the case in our house lol!  He must wake up and think he’s woken up next to Hagrid! 


My lovely readers – I hope you enjoyed my 7 nuggets of randomness, if you fancy seeing more stuff then feel free to follow me on Instagram – @justbu.blog


S.G. xx

2 thoughts on “7 Things I have learned about living with a man…

  1. He puts your false lashes on for you?! No way lol. What a dreamboat!! & I always catch my man checking out the same girls as I am, too. 😂

    What a fun post!


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