7 Things I have learned about living with a man…

During 20 years of being with a man and living with ‘a male’ for 18 years, there have been many things I have observed; some of which I shall dispense below… Tights The first time he saw me crouch down and put one foot into tiny screwed up nylon, his face was a mix ofContinue reading “7 Things I have learned about living with a man…”

Turning my fashion life around – one top at a time!

Hey my lovely readers!  Have you ever been in a situation where you’re getting ready for a night out and you’re thinking: “I’ve got nothing to wear” or “Nothing fits” Well come inside my wonderful world of randomness and I’ll let you into a little secret I have which might turn your life around. Lol. Continue reading “Turning my fashion life around – one top at a time!”

Musical Memories

Music rocks the soul, makes you cry and makes you reminisce about times gone by.  Here is a collection of songs that remind me of amazing, BADASS women who I am proud to know…………. Natalie – Army by Ellie Goulding What springs to mind here is that ONE PERSON who; in the midst of aContinue reading “Musical Memories”

10 things we should be doing more of….

Take your makeup off every night before bed. I’m not gonna’ lie, I don’t do this religiously, however I do try to!  It does feel better waking up to fresh skin rather than a scene out of ‘The Joker’. 2. Get more fresh air. Thank God I have a dog!  Me and my Prince walkContinue reading “10 things we should be doing more of….”

Fashion Disaster – What does £18 get you?

I commented on how lovely her top was and she told me where she got it from.  Off to the website I went (one which I have never used and probably wouldn’t necessarily visit had it not been for the booze and recommendation from my new best friend)!  A few clicks and £18 later myContinue reading “Fashion Disaster – What does £18 get you?”